1. relatively expensive and designed to appeal to the affluent.
synonyms: deluxe, high-end, choice, exclusive, select, top-end, luxurious, superior, premier, upper-class, elite, top, classy, 
ritzy, prime, chi-chi, premium, first-rate, high-quality, top-quality, high-grade, five-star, finest; expensive, high-priced; upmarket


Wayne Alan presents very entertaining upscale magic and illusion shows/productions.  Mr. Alan is a world class celebrity magician, speaker, author, inventor, Rolls-Royce collector and adventurer.  He is America’s only World Champion Magician/Illusionist, the only American to ever win the prestigious Gold Medal for Grand Illusion at FISM, considered the World Olympics of Magic.  He has performed 13 times at the White House and is considered one of the top magicians and magical entertainers in the country.  He is regularly included in the best magicians lists in the U.S. and the world.

Photos from left to right-At the White House, with Criss Angel, First Lady Laura Bush, David Copperfield, Neil Patrick Harris and David Blaine.





Mr. Alan is the most famous magician you may have never heard of, since he specialized as a Corporate Illusionist® for over 30 years performing at trade shows and sales meetings for Fortune 500 companies.  He flew all around the world for his corporate appearances, always under the radar of the general public.  He has cultivated the image of one of the top underground magicians in the country.  Mr. Alan is considered one of magic's best kept secrets.


On TV he magically produced Will Smith for MTV.  He has performed on national TV on Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, ABC, NBC and CBS Network News programs. He's also appeared with Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and Maury Povich.  Mr. Alan has been a consultant for the famous magician David Copperfield and provided illusions to Criss Angel. He is also the author of the best-seller cook-

book, Magical Meatless Meals-Famous Foods from Famous People and Places. He owns and operates the Historic North Theatre, Danville, VA.

Semi-retired in 2012, Wayne decided to buy a performing arts complex in southern Virginia.  The Historic North Theatre is located in Danville, VA.  This charming 500-seat venue was built in 1947 and was beautifully restored in 2005 with 3.5 million dollars but only stayed open five years.  It had been closed for almost two years when Mr. Alan discovered it for sale on the web.  After a first-hand visit, he decided to save the city landmark and revitalize it and the surrounding area.  He is turning the area into a Theatre and Arts District.

He also decided that instead of quietly retiring from show business for leisure travel and to play more tennis and golf, he would close his stage career with a bit more panache.  He felt he would enjoy having the artistic freedom to create, invent and perform unique large stage illusions and other types of magic on his own stage. 

While some famous magicians in Las Vegas may have a theatre named after them that they perform in, Wayne Alan may be the only magician in the U.S. and possibly the world, to actually own, operate and perform in his own historic theatre.  In 2019 after 7 years of Mr. Alan concentrating on growing the Historic North Theatre, it is now firmly established and continuing to grow.  As a result, Mr. Alan is once again available to travel for a limited number of shows. 

Wayne Marquee Pic1.jpg



As a result of the Historic North Theatre's growth, Mr. Alan is once again available to travel for a limited number of shows.  13 is Wayne's Lucky Number.  He won the World Championship of Magic on Friday the 13th and he was using dressing room number 13.  He is available to travel anywhere in the world for a limited 39 shows/productions a year.  His availability is inspired by one of his favorite mystery movies, Alfred Hitchcock's 39 Steps.  He is available to perform for 13 special events or exclusive private parties, 13 corporate functions and 13 performances to benefit select charities.  As of June 1, 2021 only 24 shows are available for the rest of the year.  36 shows are available for 2022.


Mr. Alan's presentations are designed to appeal to the affluent.  He is the only magician/illusionist in the world to offer the "Million Dollar Magic Show".  Engage Mr. Alan for your next event and join a very exclusive clientele.  For your upscale magical entertainment needs, don’t just move from coach to first class, instead take the private jet by booking Wayne Alan. 

For serious inquiries only, please call 434-793-SHOW (7469) and ask for Mr. Alan’s personal manager Alfred “Bud” Gray.  Via email: Wayne at WayneAlanMagic.com.


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