Upscale Magic

Private Shows & Events

Through the years Wayne Alan has performed many private shows for captains of industry and some of the wealthiest, most famous and most powerful people on the planet.  Sometimes these performances are in their private residences including castles, yachts and the White House.  Often times his clients are famous celebrities and on occasion royalty.

If your budget is not quite prepared for our Million Dollar Magic Show, be assured that we can still accommodate your needs with one of our Upscale Magic Productions.

Wayne Alan has owned and driven a classic 1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn for over forty two years.  13 years ago, he acquired his second Rolls, a vintage Silver Shadow.  He would often drive them to local shows, meetings and for personal use in the Washington, DC area.  The name Rolls-Royce is a legend. The reputation is unique. Throughout the company's proud history, they have been dedicated to the handcrafting of supremely refined motorcars, commissioned to reflect the personal needs and tastes of individual discerning owners.  Mr. Alan has been inspired by that legend.  Without being pretentious, his performances and career reflect those same values and qualities.  He creates a sense of wonder and fun with a classy yet down to earth style of magic and humor.  

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Mr. Alan is one of the few stage illusionists who is also an expert sleight of hand artist.  Intimate miracles with cards, coins and other intriguing small objects are performed right under the audience's nose.  His award-winning sleight of hand was featured in a national TV commercial for The Better Business Bureau.  The spot won second place in the International  Film and TV Awards Competition.

Hand Engraved All Gold Plate Silver Cups are used for the classic Cups & Balls.