Corporate Events

Mr. Alan is the most famous magician you may have never heard of because for over 30 years he has performed under the public radar as a Corporate Illusionist® (a trademark he registered) at conventions around the world for Fortune 500 companies.   He presents your company's sales message using magic and illusion as a marketing communications tool.  His forte is designing and presenting customized illusions such as making an automobile appear for Avis Rent-A-Car or for Zenith levitating a lap-top computer to show how lightweight it was.  He made a Honda motorcycle magically change into a Harley at Harley-Davidson’s national sales meeting.  He was the highest paid corporate magician for over 3 decades.  He and his team still produce a limited number of presentations for the corporate world. 

TS-Hercules crowd.jpg

Attracting large crowds at the National Plastics Show in Chicago's McCormick Place.


Time Machine at a trade show for General Electric.