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Airplane and Red Carpet

Million  Dollar

Magic Show

The Million Dollar Magic Show is a very high-end customized magical extravaganza.  Like all of our productions it is specially designed around your interests and desires.  No two shows are alike.  Each unique show is commissioned to reflect the personal needs and tastes of individual discerning clients. 


Clearly a show of this magnitude will require a budget to match.  Since the show costs an arm and a leg, we have designed a special illusion with an arm and a leg as part of the production.  Below are just some ideas that may inspire you to help us design that special show for you and your guests.  Just imagine…


Make a million dollars in cash magically appear on stage-a recreation similar to Doug Henning’s performance on his national TV Special in 1983.  You can watch Doug perform it here:


-Have celebrities magically appear and be sawed in half as they perform as assistants in the show. They may also perform a set from their repertoire.

-Utilize very valuable diamonds, other jewels or watches in a special magical effect.  A special presentation can be created using a replica of the Crown Jewels.


-Introduce to your audience your newest jet or helicopter by having it magically appear in the show.

-Would you like to propose to your fiancé in a magical way?   Imagine your beautiful lady is brought on stage along with a tall empty cabinet.  A puff of smoke and you appear in the cabinet to ask her to marry you.

-Mr. Alan is the only illusionist to own a Time Machine-travel back into the past or into the unknown of the future.

-Have a Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini or similar high-end automobile magically appear on stage and be given to you or the client to drive away from the event at the end.


-Have each guest receive a $1000.00 Magic Set-These specially designed and hand produced magic sets are the most expensive in the world.  All guests will also be presented with a personally inscribed and autographed copy of Mr. Alan's best-selling cookbook-Magical Meatless Meals-Famous Foods from Famous People & Places.  


After the show fly you and your party to David Copperfield’s private island Musha Cay in the Bahamas for a little R&R.  David describes Musha Cay, “It’s one of the Islands of Copperfield Bay, which also includes 10 pristine and undeveloped islands. Musha Cay is a private resort with a staff of 40 where I’ve created some amazing experiences, kind of like Fantasy Island. It’s a big, beautiful place where adults become kids, and movies and theater appear on the beach out of nowhere.”


David Copperfield’s private island

Musha Cay in the Bahamas.